Friday, January 17, 2014

SAG, BAFTA and Critics Choice Awards

Today I'm including some links I that were leftover from yesterday and we cover the Bafta Awards which are the British version of the Oscars and the SAG awards. The Screen Actor Awards  includes my favorite catagory, Best Ensemble Cast.

Didn't even know they had this but this one is on the money as Nyong-O won Spt. Best Actress.

To celebrate Miyazaki Oscar nod here is a clip from The Simpsons:

Some tidbits about Oscar:

Award Shows:
They concentrate on Movies and TV like the Globes but this blog I'm just going to concentrate on Moies.
The 2 main awards that a get a kick out of that you don't get on any of the othe award show are the Cast Ensemble Awards.
The first is on top of the page is Oustanding Performance by a cast in a Motion Picture.
As I said a million times before American Hustle has this mainly because this is where most of the cast hang together as the other movies people come and go individually. The second that comes close is August:Osage County. This Ensemble really hang good together.

The second which is on the bottom of the page is Outstanding Action Performance bya Stunt Ensemble.
FF6 has my nod as the others just don't make sense. They are mainly behind the scenes especially Redford's "All Is Lost". Besides a shark and someone's hand isn't this a solo performance?

Note: See the other awards in Movies: 1 in each catagory who weren't picked for Oscars like Hanks. Man that's gotta hurt.
British version of the Oscars except they only chose 5 nominees for Best Film.
But the reason I included this is The Special Visual Effects Catagory: Pacific Rim got the nod!
What's wrong with the Ocars. Even Bafta recognizes great work by Del Toro and Company.
The rest of the awards are spread out like the Oscars. Not much difference there.

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