Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Oscars Are Here...

Well there were a few surprises but you can never tell what the Academy has on it's mind. Below are 2 examples what a lot of critics thought would get the nods. And these are the experts. Final predictions of the winners for the full list will be posted before we do the live shows. Dates to be announced for those.

This one is really short:

Long but good coverage. Got Redford right but not Streep.

Again I pick the main catagories and you can check my previous blogs to compare these.
Basically I got 4 out of 5 like most experts in the field. With the academy you can never tell.

Picture: Dallas Buyers Club - I'm surprise this got the nod. As mention before the story arc is not
conventional and didn't think the Academy would pick it. Glad they did. But we all know there's only 2
to fight it out. The others don't have a chance.

Director: Paul Greengrass got dissed big time. I thought if Scorsese got picked Payne would get bumped off.
Both Scorsese and Payne are in! Surprised me there.

Actor: Same scenerio: Both Leo and Bale are in and Hanks got kicked out. OUCH! Glad Dern is in and Matthew has this.

Actress: Same scenerio again! Streep is in, I'm good with that cause she was that good but what else is new, LOL, But my Fav Emma Thompson was out. But Meryl's got a hundred nods so Amy's got this.

Supporting Actor and Actress: Leto and Nyong-O are in. And I'm good.

Animation: Croods, YES! DM2, YES! and The Wind Rises. Mayazaki got his nod. STill haven't sen this and really think anyone would acknowldge this. So glad he got recognized. And the other I never even heard of, Ernest & Celestine. More homework which will be fun as I love this catogory.
But then again it doesn't matter. Darth Vadar's boss is going to make sure who wins.

Song: As noted in previous posts, besides U2 nothing really stuck for me then they picked "Happy"
I love this song from DM2. This gets me going in the morning. Good for Pharrell. But again we know who's got it.

And now I save the worst for last and that is Visual Effects:
WTF! No Pacific Rim! Why the Del Toro hate? What else can it be. We all know he brought the genre to the next level with his imagination in Effects.
But they give it to Lone Ranger? What, for the friggin train? ARe you FK kidding me? IM3 Blows.
I had it up to here (pointing at my knee caps) with those friggin hobbits.
Star Trek is OK even if the Effects were on steroids. Only Gravity is the only worthy opponent as Cuaron took that film to the next level. But that's James Cameron's Problem.
This is outrageous. And this catagory in all catagories, these films were picked by those who work with Visual Effects. Again why the Del Toro hatred?

That's it for now as next week I'm going to review the other sections like editing, costumes, etc.
In 2 weeks we are going to premiere the live show and talk more in details about Oscar, Globes and of course SAG award this Saturday to see if FF6 gets the award for Best Cast Ensemble. Probably
American Hustle will get this as I've been saying all along.

It's been a slow recovery for me but as they say in the business "The Show Must Go On"...

No Pacific Rim? WTF!

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