Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday's Links

First is the outcome of the Grammys. Then some Movie news. By request I included the highlights as I tune off myself at the end myself but here are some of the best nights performances.
First is the grand finale. Some say this was cut out at the end. I was asleep already. Glad for the link.
The big surprise was Daft Punk winning Major 3 awards. Sir Paul winning 3 and Jay-Z winning 2 out of 9.4
Now that's funny. Oh that opening. Didn't that look old already? Metallica with a Piano Player took the cake. But Daft Punk with Stevie Wonder was the keeper. Loved seeing Carole King, songwriter classic.
Big jam at the end but they need to make this2 hours tops. That's if anyone's still tuning in.
So Zep got their Grammy. About time and better late than never. Bullshit. Look at the people that won last night. You mean to tell they are the best that the industry has? It is so friggin sad for this generation.
Compare to what you may ask. How about the past 50 years or so. Here's a repost from yesterday.
This is a shame. I mean who's is going to remember Macklemore & Ryan a few years from now?

OK Now the movie News:
Looks like this Harry Potter director will have final laugh. And look who's posing with. Funeeeeee..
I take this with a  grain of salt since even the studio doesn't even know what the hell their doing. But it is interesting how this is building up. Hell just give me The Lego Movie and I'm good.
What the hell. Better than the Lion King. This has to be the most overrated Disney flick ever. Not a fan.

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