Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Force Was Weak With The Oscar

"I don't get it, 5 nominations but not for Best Picture?"

New Radio Show now playing: Awards, Star Wars and other sad news. Mini-review list of Oscar nominated pictures below links in the Special Feature section. Also included is The Script Page of all the movies in PDF format nominated for the Oscar. Premiere of Talk Shoe Radio now playing. Please see widget.

A list of the biggest moneymakers who won Oscars for Best Picture. Then a 2015 list of this years nominees with The Martian and Mad Max on top of the list both with a combined total of 17 nods. Yikes! Not bad for Sci-fi. Yeah that should get Star Wars fans pissed off.
All the best tweets with videos, pics, links to toher news and more.

WTF? The academy is allowed to vote up to Ten films and they couldn't squeeze in Star Wars?
But the Martian and Mad Max are in as far as Sci-Fi goes. Cool,no problem but as far as those 5 nods those are going to either The Revenant and Mad Max. TFA will lucky to get at least one. Sorry fellow Jedi's, that's the truth. ButI have to admit Mad Max with 10 nods, love the film and I still don't get it.
Special Note: The ratings for the Oscars have been awful, if they want people to tune in from ALL ages they should have included TFA just on that alone. Max and Martian can only go a lone way. I mean what, Bridge of Spies when you don't nominate Speilberg to begin with. And what happen to Jurassic World, Furious 7 and Avengers Ultron for SFX. But Revenant gets the nod? For what, moving a of trees and mountains around? Jeez.

Biggest disappointments: Star Wars, Ridley Scott, Tarantino
Biggest surprises: Tom Hardy, Shaun the Sheep, Stallone
Biggest WTF: Jennifer Lawrence, Again? WTF she's no Meryl Streep or Cate Blancett. So there!
Double WTF: Writing on the Wall? Really? And no See U Again, song from Furious 7?

What's with this damn number anyways? My favorite roles were Hans Gruber, the villain in Die Hard 1, Spock like Alien in Galaxy Quest, The Sheriff of Nottingham was a hoot and of course as Professor Snape in the Potter franchise. But a very under rated film called "CBGB" about the famous NYC club where he played the owner Hilly Kristal about how the club first started and introduced  The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie and many others. His last role will be as the caterpillar in Alice Wonderland 2. Damn now I gotta watch that.

Bowie, Rickman and now Rene. All from Cancer. Ironic that Obama's speech talked about this on finding a cure. What are they waiting for. Rene was incredible on helping Celine Dion's career and of course she won the Oscar for James Cameron "Titanic"

Special Feature Section:
All the nominated films are here for you to read. Great way to learn for you future screenwriters.
My reviews of all the films that got nominated for the Globes and Oscars plus a few extra. I will update this and retype this to include  in a new blog next week but for now here it is.
I changed the title to Christmas Record as Star Wars started breaking records left and right at this time. I rarely go back and change things, just update and add, but this day was different.

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