Monday, January 18, 2016

Critics Choice Awards - Mad Max Wins 8!

I'm keeping it short today and will add more tomorrow in a new blog along with another new Blog Talk Radio show. This past weekend we premiered Talk Shoe Radio with my co-host Mark. Mostly Star Wars and some Oscar talk as the end. So you can hear his point of view. You've been warned, lol.
...And the winner is Mad Max in 8 categories! Well this is what is going to happen at the Oscars. Which means the others like Star Wars, The Martian, The Revenant won't have a chance of winning mainly all the tech awards. Most of the awards for the Oscars are going to be obvious so we know what to expect. But The Revenant is going to be an embarrassement if only it gets 2 awards for Leo and Cinematography out of 12 nominations. Yikes! And Spotlight with very few nods gets Best Pciture. Go figure.

Mad Max getting 8 awards the 2 best being Hardy and Theron for Best Action, something that the Oscars doesn't acknowledge. Another reason why the Oscar categories are boring.
George Miller, Director with the ladies from Mad Max accepting on his behalf. Way cool.
"See You Again" for Best Song. The Big Fck Up that the Oscar screwed up!
Sly for Best Supporting Actor. This should be a shoe in for the Oscar.
Morricone for Best Score. Another shoe in at Oscar time.
Jacob Tremblay, the little kid stole the whole show. Cuteness overload.
Head Scratcher: Ex-Machina, nice if you like your Sci-Fi really boring.

Overall the show is in the right direction, like the Golden Globes by combining both movies and tv,
and have a lot of the awards handed out ahead of time and mentioned to save time. Something the Oscars should do. The other best part is everyone is at the dinner tables but they need to get drunk. Let's face it seeing Mel Gibson and Tarantino completely wrecked is so much fun.
Being formal like Oscars are so boring. The Academy should take note and hey, that's how the Oscars were back in the hey day, at the dinner table. And pass that booze around!
Complete list of winners of photos from each category to represent the winner. Pretty cool for easier reference since most people have avoided these films like the plagued.

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