Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More X-Files, Star Wars & Marvel Coming

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: X-Files and January recap.

While the article states that the series is back on track, I found this boring as heck. Give me Roswell any day as the first episode while heavy on talk did give me my greys and spaceships. With the ratings doing good of course there's talk of another season or another movie. Either way it's on!

And I won't be around when I drop? Well that's a little unfair. But then again by that time it will be nothing but remakes and reboots as they already doing with Spiderman. But Bob Iger says the audience wont get tired on any of this. Or will they? Disney knows something we don't/

That double dip is finally is on it's way. When the first BR release came out where were some of the behind the scenes that various video magazines were showing and Miller himself talked about releasing the BW version. Well that got the fans again which means I have go out and buy the damn thing again. Well I don't have to but if your fan like me then......damn I hate when they do that, lol.

What happened to the musical? Was anyone asking for this and it looks just as cheesy. Actually the original with a 6 pack and a doobie and it's one of the best comedies out there. What a waste.

So where is Micheal Bay when you need him. If anyone knows about blowing shit up well...
But the cool idea that New York is finally going to get it's due in the franchise is so cool.

Live robots with SFX aka Spiderman on Broadway. Wow, would I like to see that go south. Somebody get's crushed in the front row and falls on the first few rows. Ten watch the whole place blow up aka Bay. Count me in, I'll be watching from across the street. I mean really?

George Lucas on the influence of Kurosawa and how The Hidden Fortress inspired Star Wars. This is from the BR Criterion collection filmed back in 1991. Little he did realize at the time that what he create is now going to last forever after he's gone thanks to Disney. Who knew?
Only 7 days to see this before it's not available for free.

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