Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pandas for No. 1?

New Blog Talk Radio now playing. Awards, Reviews, X-files and Legends (second half of show) plus mini reviews bottom of blog.

Saturday Update:
Gives you some answers on what's wrong with the system of voting with Oscar and other awards. This is for tonight's show SAG awards and why nobody made a big deal with this show.

Friday Update:
So they put Episode 5, the stinker of the bunch, as the second to get it out of way so the rest will get good reviews and keep the high ratings. Or am I reading to much into this, as in a conspiracy to control the viewers mind as to want more episodes or even a new movie. My brain is fried. I need a break.

Everything points to a great box office weekend and this will break the "boring leftovers for January curse" that the month brings. With Star Wars winding down (that's right I said it!) The Revenant and that bear being old news, these Pandas will get much love. Check out the video interview with the cast. Kind of cute. But the one with Dustin Hoffman. They actually had in mind a Graduate 2? Yikes. Glad that never happened. "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson?"
PS loved the first two with some great graphics in the second one. This should be fun.
Yep another award show this Saturday, one of which has little to due with the outcome at the Oscars. But the usual suspects are going to win here like Leo and Sly, Brie and Kate for the acting categories.
But two others categories should be fun. Cast ensemble for Spotlight or Big Short and the other is
the Stunt Ensemble witch Mad Max should get. Really who thinks of these categories anyways? Rest of the show? zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Wow, how much back end did Han Solo get for doing Star Wars? Hosting a Disney special is not Harrison Ford's style. He didn't even want to be associated with Star Wars after the trilogy was done.
Well now we know whatever figure it was, it was plenty of bucks. Still looking forward to the special tho.
Finally saw "Amy" and I wasn't to impress even tho it got the nod for Best Documentary. While I haven't seen most of them, the other I did see is "What Happened Miss Simone" the better of the two "music" documentaries. More on the Radio show. But Director Kapadia is very good in covering details with his subjects and with Scorsese on board this should make for an interesting film. Will it do good, probably not. If there's no chase scene with cars it's pretty much dead. Remember the Coppola and Lucas film "Tucker"? Look it up IMDB, excellent film on the making of the "Perfect Car" which the car industry shut down cause it was that good.While it starred Jeff Bridges, Tanked at the box office.

5th Wave: 1, Cool big wave covering London Bridge at the beginning of the movie, the rest was as boring as you can get, a filler to get to a sequel that hopefully will never happen since the movie tanked.
Ride Along 2: 1, If you saw the first one, which was funnier, then you saw this one. A few laughs but mostly a cookie cutter script. Been there, done that.

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