Monday, January 25, 2016

The X-Files Are Back

"We're Baaaack"

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: X-Files and more.
The show didn't start here until 11:30 pm where I am at and after a couple of beers from watching the game it was kind of hard to follow on all the conspiracy theories near the end. Wow, that was a lot of exposition at the end. But still fun as heck. Yep the show is back.
A follow up to the above article since that was posted earlier in the day. Mix reviews and some the the nit picks I have to agree with aka "clunky scripting". They could have left some of that for the next episode but then again maybe they did, lol.
Will somebody make up their minds. It looked like "Spotlight" would be the frontrunner but the PGA awards for the most part have been predicting the Oscar winner for the past several years. Sorry, but while it deserves a nod it is not a Best Picture winner. I'll give that to The Revenant.
Knocked off the top stop by a time traveling Samurai drama. Well that will do it. It's so over for TFA internationally now that it has to rely on U.S. repeats to keep on going to break Titanic World Wide.
A visit to that world and a reboot/remake and no redo of The Goblin King. So far so good. And the idea this was talked about before David Bowie passing is even better. Let's not forget The Dark Crystal remake has also been talked about for years now but still in puppet form. Do this with CGI and it's back to watching old Gumby episodes for me.
Now we're talking. Rock should go after them big time. I figured they would have him on hold and be careful with his dialogue but that's what the Oscars need to put some fire up it's ratings ass.
Trek convention coming to New York in September. 50 Years already, and we still get a trailer that sucks for the new movie. We trekkers can't catch a break can we.

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