Thursday, January 21, 2016

Legends The Hit Of Tomorrow?

New Radio Show Now Playing: Legends of Tomorrow and Batman: Bad Blood Blu-ray review(at end of show, 4 outta 5), Critics Choice Awards, Oscars, Star Wars & China.

Friday Update:
Most watched Thursday in the past three years. Well it is a hit for the rest of the season. The rating stay on course we'll have another year to be announce soon. For the premiere show itself, love that time travel to the 1970's with President Ford (whom I saw in person) and Earth Wind & Fire soundtrack whom I saw in concert in their hey day. So far so good for the show and doesn't that ship remind you a little bit of The M Falcon?.
Talk about head kill and musical chairs at the same time. So now Avatar is getting out of the way? What is up with that? To close for comfort for that all time international Box Office considering Avatar got its ass kicked in the U.S. market. Sure makes for interesting news.
Latest update via Twitter with news, articles and videos for the past week. Lots to look at.

How can they screw this up? They got the production team from The Flash and Arrow working on this and with that introduction on setting up the show, it's pretty much a hit already, unlike Agent Carter, while good reviews, had not so great ratings.
These switches don't mean a thing. Best example: The last Transformer came out a weekend before July 4th and earned $100M and ON July 4th weekend it lost most of it's boxoffice at $30M. So nothing guarantees these special dates.
Never mind that the movie was a disappointment but getting replace by a lousy tv show remake is an outright embarrassment. Baywatch wasn't all that. Well at least Arnold has Celebrity Apprentice to look forward to and Cameron getting his franchise back.
Wow, what a stretch. If you really start getting really deep into something you start believing it. All these are standard cliches in animation and fantasy aka the village idiot, the town drunk etc. But they sure make it fit tho.

Filmmaking 101:
The two editors talking about putting the film together and some of their favorite scenes to work on. But I like the last line in the article where they mention about cutting out some jokes in the final edit. Hopefully those will be on the Blu-ray.

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