Tuesday, January 05, 2016

There is a Great Disturbance In The Force

"Did BB8 and The Force run out of speed at the Box Office?"
New Radio shows are coming this week and links to to other news than Star Wars finally.

Internationally it has taken out both Avengers and F7 as predicted but has not moved up that much. It should have taken out Jurassic World also. And at the U.S. Box office it still needs $8M to be No. 1, something which should have be done by this morning. All signs that it's finally slowing down big time and with no more holidays and all the repeats done there's nowhere else to go but blu-ray.
Note: At this rate TFA needs another $1 Billion to beat Avatar and the highest China grossing film was F7 at $390M. Not looking good.

Like India, Japan didn't exactly jump on the bandwagon when it came to Star Wars. Remember Japan went nuts over Avatar when it first came out. So while India and Japan won't make that much of a difference in the All Time box office outcome it does raise a flag about beating Avatar's all time record.

That's what he says until he makes No. 6. Jangle that money  carrot in front of t of anyone's face and they change their tune. Since he knows he'll probably never get a Oscar in his lifetime can you blame him?

Voltron was on the boards to be filmed live action after the first Transformer movie was a big hit. Budget and other politics,it never got made. Good to see the property coming back to life but a re-imagining could be a sticking point with fans. And Del Toro keeping busy with Trollhunters. Whatever, where the hell is Pacific Rim 2?

A preview of what's to come this weekend. Who even remembers most of these movies. Well Earthquake was a favorite but that was just a sign of the times.

Who ever she is, she's a cuty tha'ts for sure and of course we have Laverne Cox as Frank-N-Furter. That alone is worth watching for. She's going to be great in the role. And all live, while The Wiz was a good try let's hope it won't be another Peter Pan, Man that's was awful.

wow they are thinking to hard on this one. Just have Jordon fight another opponent. If they go back in time like Jordon said bring out the CGI. Full Time! they are going to need it. Another related article in Variety stated Stallone is done with Rambo. Heck he's got a hit, might get an Oscar nod for Supporting Actor, another sequel to Creed, who needs Rambo.

Special Note from Yesterday:
Next to hearing the Disco version of Star Wars in the late 1970's on the radio, we also got the Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever. But it was STigwood company that released the Soundtrack to the "Emprie Strikes Back" double disc LP with booklet. So much care went into the product. Thanks Robert!

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