Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Force Awakens Finally Gets That No. 1 Spot

"We finally did it, now about that international box office....."
New Radio Show now playing: The Force and Golden Globes. Pic of Cameron included below links.
Finally the No. 1 of all time for U.S., lol. It kind of drag there for a while. But it doesn't look like it will hit the international all time as stated in this article. China really needs to cough up some serious money for this to hit all time and no one is to sure how that's going to work out.
Well not so fast, lol. While this article was posted earlier it's Hollywood Reporter with the latest news. But here they adjust for inflation and surprise, TFA is actually No. 21 with Gone with the Wind as all time and Star Wars New Hope at No. 2. Who does the math around here? Force Awakens is No. 1 U.S. and we'll leave it at that.
Leo should tie this up with no problem as TFA has already run it's course. Even tho $8M a day is nothing to sneeze at but with no more holidays and repeats already a done deal The Revenant will get it's due. Still a 4 out of 5 just for that Bear scene, CG and all.
StarWars: TFA did not make the cut but somehow Sicario did, a way overrated film. But my Minions did for Animation as did The Peanuts Movie but somehow Shaun the Sheep did not. Doesn't matter as Inside Out is going to get it which is THE most over animation of the year.
While I can see why they did't include Rey, most of the original board games, original trilogy had Princess Leia so why not, meaning she's one of the main characters that should be there. Good for little Annie to write that letter.  The force is strong with her.
The breakdown on how this works. So 19 out of the past 26 went to win Best Picture and the last eight won the Oscar. Well so much for Star Wars.
Again the usual suspects have been nominated with Trainwreck by Amy Schumer was a surprise, with Sicario get much support for some reason.
Batman Returns sucked big time! But the idea of the father giving away Penguin was an interesting angle even tho you didn't see much of Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens so him to play the father on the show is so cool. Again it's these little touches that the show does adds so much for the fans.

Coming tomorrow:
My prediction list for the Golden Globes as there was no room in today's blog.

You know I'm still this far ahead internationally at No. 1, don't you?

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