Wednesday, January 27, 2016

X-Files Leading The Charge?

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Argument on the start of Nostalgia tv making the X-Files as an example of leading the charge. As pointed out in the 3rd paragraph no one wants to take a chance of doing anything original. Even tho cable is leading the charge aka Amazon and Netflix and getting the awards too. As Ricky Gervis said NBC was hosting the Golden Globes and didn't have one show nominated. Ain't it funny but at this year at the movies, the biggest hits in the top 5 were Jurassic World and Star Wars and as the internet quoted "What year is this?"
The running joke was he past away every few years and now that he is actually gone, its hard to believe. You could always find him jogging near central park and was always nice. Never met him but some of my friends did and spoke highly how cool he was. Godfather is one of my all time favorite films and Barney Miller was a great comedy back in the day. He was one of the best things from the shows. Note: Gallery included of 13 people who have past already this year. Jeez, 13 too many.
Actually never paid intention to this category but most of the years favorites have made it here. There all very behind the scenes technical nominations with Mad Max, Martian, Jurassic World, Ant-Man and of course Star Wars. But the big curious one left out if Furious 7 for some strange reason. If any movie belongs here it's that one for all the stunt scenes but Southpaw and Sicario are in which make no sense. Just are just punching and shooting so what gives?
Is this the final nail in the coffin for Terminator? We know James Cameron will get bck the rights and can reboot the damn thing. So maybe Arnold can wait for that since the studio yanked it off it's schedule. But this is the way to go and get th
My only question is how hard is it to write a Wolverine script. There are tons of comics on this character and they never run out of ideas for him. And let's face it, the last two films sucked so I'm like, lets get this over with. And we all know if this was in Marvel's hand then.....well enough said.
How working with Bowie helped him with his acting. All interesting reading for us Bowie fans on the show Lazarus. But Dexe comes up and we still might get another series on the character, a rumour that has been floating around since the last episode where Dexter winds up as a Lumberjack, !?!?!?! WTF!!!. They even include a clip from that final scene. One of cable tv big Fkups!

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