Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oscar SFX Preview

New Radio Show coming this week. Oscar Nods this Thursday. Will Star Wars get some?

This used to be a guarantee to get an Oscar nod from here but the past few years it hasn't been the case. Like last year the tide is turning and nothing is set in stone. But hopefully Scott and Miller would get their due for a nod this year.

Posted late but this is one category to loogk out for as this will be the heaviest competition Star Wars will have to go against. And if Force Awakens does get it nods it will have Mad Max as the one to beat.

Overall review on Bowie's films. I'll be making a review on these on the next radio show.

The whole idea of China buying Legendary studios who own the rights to Pacific Rim, the chances look better now. If only somebody can make up their mind on making this in the first place.

Way to many adn most will agree this will turn out to be no more than a bunch of cameos. You figure they would learn by now but that's okay, go ahead and ruin and see what happens.

If there was one actor to show up in the obituaries, it would have been this guy. If you have to give him all the credit in the world for not given up on life. Really, not joking no matter how funny this reads. He was only doing his job as an actor and had to listen to Lucas (yep his fault again). At least we know we'll never this this character again on the big screen.

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