Monday, January 04, 2016

The Force No. 1 All Time U.S. Tomorrow

Two radio shows coming this week: TFA celebration and The Golden Globes coverage.
Great way to start the New Years with TFA taking the No. 1 U.S. All Time Box Office tomorrow.
Now we have to wait after it opens in China this coming weekend for the big challenge internationally.
Let's not forget China was very cold to the Phantom trilogy and maybe they won't forget that. But then again everyone on the planet hated that trilogy and TFA is kicking ass so it looks good.
Best Film Editing nomination from American Cinema Editors, ACE, is no joke. Who ever wins this award usually gets best film except last year which doesn't count since the Oscars had their head up their ass. Birdman didn't get a nod for editing and it wasn't for the editing there would be no movie!
Great nod for Star Wars for sure.
Behind the scenes of previous footage but this is how the Part 8 is going to start with poor Rey still holding that stupid light saber. Man her arm must be tired. Plus 101 pics from previous articles.
Every actor from Connery, Moore, Brosnan always said they quit only to come back with a raise increase so no surprise there. But it would make sense for Waltz to come back now that they started that whole SpectreeBlofeld and keep it at one actor for that role. But that whole daddy issue still sucks and hopefully there'll drop that and just concentrate on Blofeld trying to hole the world for ransom for...wait for it......1 Million Dollars. Couldn't resist, lol. C'mon sounds better than Cuckoo!!!
Could there be information on these disks? They are not saying but Roddenberry was a visionary and he wasn't happy with the direction of DS9 so maybe he did create other things but wouldn't his wife informed on this before she died and left directions? The mystery continues...
Sorry but people are right, those eyes are too damn creepy. But did anyone notice the color scheme of his skin with grey and red? Sort of Dark Grey and Orange of Godzilla Destroyer when he's on fire.

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