Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oscar Nomination Predictions

Radio show coming after Oscar Nods anouncement tomorrow. This blog is in progress for more later.
While most of these are predictable let me mention just one and that's for Best Picture. The Force Awakens was not picked. BUT Inside Out was. The one frigging picture that should NOT be nominated for anything! (much anger in me).And if it does get nominated it belongs in the Animation category and nowhere else! (don't worry the hate is already there). So...take out Inside Out and there is you placement for Star Wars on this list. Now if for some reason some other crap like Sicario makes it then the Dark Side wins  here as there is not much hope for these bone heads who nominate these films. Remember: Both Slumdog Millionaire and Crash both Won for Best Picture. 2 films that should have not been nominated in the first place. But that's another discussion all together.
PS. Every other category is fine with me. But jeez no TFA?
So we thought that she's Luke daughter or just adding for rumours to the fire. Don't they have enough questions to answer from No. 7 as it is. Or whatever. Our two questions for now are;
1. When is it going to pass Titanic for No. 2, cause if it doesn't forget about all time boxoffice and
2. Will get the nod for Best Picture and it doesn't how many for the other categories?
They all deserved what they get. But looks like the got a boner for Adam Sandler. Twice in the acting category and worst acting combo with Sandler and any pair of shoes for The Cobbler. Sandlers and his shoes, funny, but so is Depp and Keven James for their glue on moustaches. Even funnier.
Trivia: The Cobbler was directed by Tom McCarthy who went on to direct Spotlight which is being considered by the Oscars.  How the FCK is that possible? Well at least Sandler got his Netflix deal. Bazinga!
Here we go again with another reboot. These movies were not all that to begin with an okay audience boxoffice count. Like these are going to be much better?
Was anyone watching this. Well I was for a while, just the anime chick who went into the video world. Everything sucked! And even after that I gave up, waiting around just for that chick made no sense. Oh well it was fun, for that little part, so see ya!

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