Thursday, January 07, 2016

Is The Force Strong With China?

"OK China, I'm looking at you" 
Video Bonus Surprise: Plastic Galaxy (free subsription)
Also Radio Show now playing: Star Wars, Golden Globes Predictions. My picks listed below links. Next week the Big Star Wars show as promised as soon the China's numbers comes in.

Saturday Update:
Big opening on Saturdayat $33M in China but still behind Furious 7 for single day gross. The race is on.

Friday Update:
Star Wars got 3 nods, my Minions along with Shaun Sheep got Animation and Mad Max got the tech awards but dissed for Picture and Director. Besides that a boring show.
Spectre totally snubbed for everything. What an embarrasement. Remember Skyfall got for a few nods a few years back. It's all that song fault by Sam Smith. Where was Sir Paul when you needed him? He wrote Live and Let Die,considered one of the best bond songs ever.
Great colection of tweets of all thelastest news. My favorite: Ford becomes highest grossing actor over Samuel L. Jackson. But deleted from article was Jacksons's response: "That Mother-F*cker!"

All eyes on China this weekend and even they're not to sure what's going to happen. The fact that the Menace sequels didn't clear $20M is scary for Disney. That Mouse is shaking. And it has to clear Furious 7 at $390M all time high in China. And predictions have it at No. 2 all time. Not good.
Well at least Furious 7 won, Diesel made a speech to make you cry and my Minions won. I'm good. BUT! Did you notice that everyone who won was there and the losers stayed home. How did they know? Well I guess it saves the Award show money for hotel accommodations.
Cuba would be different adding to Atlanta and New York but they should take a hint from James Bond and stop with so many locations. Fans are more interested in the actors and the cars with stunts.
It figures. All this talent and it doesn't even try to be funny for the audience. But they must have had a ball doing this. Share the fun next time guys.
This was a film that Cameron himself was going to direct over 10 years ago and with technology today it's perfect for a remake. Now that Pacific Rim is put on hold why not. Unless China buys the studio that owns Pacific Rim and that would be a total game changer.

Golden Globes Predictions: My choices first then (The Globes with options)
Director: George Miller (Ridley Scott)
Picture: Mad Max  - (The Revenant)
Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio
Actress: Brie Larson (Cate Blanchett)
Picture Comedy: The Martian (Trainwreck)
Actor Comedy: Matt Damon (Al Pacino: Do you Think I'm Sexy)
Actress Comedy: Amy Schumer (Melissa Mccarthy/Mirren/Tomlin)
Actor Suppt: Sylvester Stallone
Actress Suppt: Jennifer Jason Leigh
Screenplay: Spotlight
Soundtrack: Ennio Morricone, Hateful 8 (Sakamoto, Noto 'The Revenant')
Song: See You Again, Furious 7
Animation: Tie: Shaun Sheep, Peanuts (Inside Out for crying out loud, uuggh).

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