Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mad Max and Tom Hardy Are Ruling The Awards

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Wow, Mad Max for Best Picture, Miller for Director and Tom Hardy for 4 films! Great for Tom Hardy to finally get recognized. From being in a Star Trek stinker ST:Nemesis to having his face covered in Batman to winning for 4 films. And getting that Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination from the Academy to top it off. Way to go Tom!

No good news at all in China. It won't even come close to beating Furious 7 for the all time $399M record. One more week and  it's all over taking over the #1 Spot of all time World Wide.

Now I'm looking forward to this if he can pull it off. Zack got his hands full and it's time to pass on the franchise. Affleck is a comic book fan, he's both an Academy award winner in Writing and Directing. And we get to see an older Batman like the DC Animation films which are great by the way,. Good direction to go in. And far away from Man of Steel the better. Aw, C;mon that film wasn't all that.

Smart. Let's get away from the awful friggin trailer and let's go behind the scenes on the set. And at least the cast have a great sense of humor. Yeah baby sell this thing or that TV show will take over for good and the studio says goodbye to this movie franchise. Let's face, while I love the cast, I've yet to see them in a Billion movie.

Way too many in such a short time and it's only January. Is this the year we are going to have. See Glen Frey video below. He was at the time of his game writing the songs for soundtracks especially for Beverly Hills Cop. A Top 10 film in 1985. I mean it was huge!

Filmmaking 101:
Click on the link for the full article after the pictures. Strange that the top 2 sci-fi films nominated for Best Picture take place in the sand. Worked for Star Wars since A New Hope.

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