Monday, January 11, 2016

Golden Globes and David Bowie

"The Goblin King"

New Radio show coming: Globe winners, Bowie, Star Wars in China. Three Bowie clips included below links. So what do the Globes and Bowie have in common? The Martian, how ironic.
Big surprise to all of us fans considering he just came out with a new album. And many were hoping for a tour. I saw him at Madison Square Garden, NYC during the Let's Dance tour (the whole show on Youtube) and Glass Spider Tour at both MSG and Giants Staduim. And a very underrated actor which most of us remember him as The Goblin King. The final tribute was his song Starman on the soundtrack of The Martian. Great sequence with Damon tearing a spaceship apart. So cool.
Well I picked 8 winners out of 15 if you look at last weeks blog. Well The Martian won me bets with Picture and Actor for Damon. Yes, he was a nice guy when I met him on the set of Bourne Ultimatum. So good for him. Great for Stallone, let's see if he gets the nod for the Oscars and win!
But there some WTF moments:
Lawrence  Best Actress for Joy? Writing on the Wall 007 for Best Song? Steve Jobs for Screenplay? Alexandro for Director instead of Miller or Scott? Winslet was cool tho for Suppt Actress.
Congrats to Oscar Isaac for Show Me a Hero and Star Wars, well somebody had a good year, lol.
Highlights: Seeing both Tarantino and Mel Gibson drunk out of their minds. That is so much fun.
And of course Han Solo giving out the Best Picture award for The Revenant at the end of the night.
Ironic since Force Awakens is still No. 1 at the box office and Leo's came pic in at No. 2.
Well that's nice but what about No. 2 beating Titanic and will the China boxoffice last for it to be No. 1 of all time. That's what everyone is looking at. And so is James Cameron, lol.

David Bowie's Starman from the soundtrack of The Martian, originally released on the LP Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Classic Album from 1972 and one of the best of the decade.

Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth Classic Jim Henson's cult film from the 1980's.

And as Nikola Tesla in The Prestige with Hugh Jackman. Does anyone remember that?

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