Monday, February 01, 2016

"Welcome to Diverse TV"

"Nine. Double 0 Nine"
New Radio show coming this week: SAG, 009 and Bond, Grease, movie reviews.

Didn't I say on the radio show 3 weeks ago about diversity went to cable and I mentioned Orange is the New Black? Thank You to the SAG for proving me right. And Idris Elba walked away with TWO award wins! And with the Best Line of the evening!  And Oscar really blew it this time for not nominating Elba. Now how did they over look that one? So with all the different winners for the nod, what does Jada say about all this?
PS: As I have been saying on my shows, forget James Bond and give him the spinoff. 009. Both Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Halle Berry (Jinx) almost got their own franchise so let Elba have his due. Bonus Triva: Only 009 had been mentioned in other Bond movies. Which are they?

How can you forget Abe Vigoda and Dan Haggerty. Fish and Grizzly Adams were staple tv. While the video ended on Leonard Nimoy a Spock but they leave out Grace Lee Whitney also from Star Trek frame. What were they smoking when they put this list together?

Wow the final nail in the coffin for Star Wars when KF3 does better at the box office than The Force. They should have a Panda character to play it safe. Jar Jar Panda or Ewok Pandas, either way it couldn't have hurt.

Wow how desperate. So no Oscar nod, you movie tanked, you wife makes a big embarrassing stink, not so good Suicide Squad reviews, so what do you do? Resurrect your music career. Like anyone cares.

And the winner for Best Musical/Comedy for 2017 is "Grease!" Yeah I can see this getting the Golden Globe, Emmy and SAG for Best Cast Ensemble. Everyone was on their "A" Game.They really took this "Live" thing to a new level. The whole cast was great with Vanessa Hudgens carrying on the tradition "The Show Must Go On" when her father past away the day before. Wow, that took guts, and of course the show was dedicated to him. Great idea of having the audience part of the show and besides a few glitches thanks to wind and rain the show did go on. Now how are they going to top this?

Bonus Link:
Does it matter what the opening weekend is going to be anymore? Rules are changing. Will EVERYONE going to rush out to see this when the last Man of Steel pissed off some fans. Will it have a repeat business? Will having release at the end of March is saying to the public we don't have much faith in this. If anything this should have been released for July 4th Weekend no matter who else opened that weekend. 
Batman Bad Blood 4 out of 5. Pay no mind to IMDB reviews as some obviously have not seen it and are prejudging. Lots of action, good story. This could have added an extra 10 minutes as there are extras characters than the usual. And a nice little twist at the end. Well more of a cameo. Cute.

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