Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Box Office Wrap Up

New Radio show coming this week: Big movie review show plus working as a background actor on the new tv show 'Shades of Blue' with Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta.
Just last week they were talking about doing another Nightmare remake. They should just let it go and tryto come up with something new.  I remember seeing Last House on the Left which gave me nightmares for months when I was a kid. Saw that as a double feature with Don't Look in the Basement. More nightmares, lol. Luckily Nightmare series wasn't so bad after that. I included this article as at the bottom it list everyone who has past away this year. 75 and counting. Wow, that is a lot.
To be fair, this got dumped at the end of August, no publicity what so ever and Zac cannot open a movie. What did they expect? Straight Outta Compton No. 1 again. When all said and done this will clear $150M and more. And Ice Cube has the summer's final laugh. Cool.
So the marriage is on. That's nice. Who the heck cares? How about the Star Wars cameos? Who that going to be! That's we fans want to know. Talk about the wrong spoiler.
If it happens, it happens. But this is not the story. Read the comments and the hatred of Oprah! Talk about sinking the film before it even starts to shoot. She's playing a small role and people don't want to see the movie cause she's in it. I just don't get that.
Due to poor sales we not getting remasters of DS9 and Voyagers. Maybe if they didn't oveprice these box sets could of sale more of these. So we fans get disappointed from their greedyness. Corporate thinking at it's best.

Filmmaking 101: Editing Fear of the Walking Dead. Good article but no video.

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