Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming this week
Take out Hunger Games and put in Peanuts. Runner ups: Hateful Eight.The Walk. eez not much left and what happened to the Oscar contenders. I dont recognized anything. Oh well last years Oscars sucked so who cares.

And people were saying that Zombies was getting to be old news. For me one Walking Dead is enough.

More teases for the movie. Now where is that Luke trailer for crying out loud?

Well at least we got a title which compares to Conquest and Battle in the original 5 part franchise.
Will they go to the original premise of a group of astronauts landing on earth to find the planet taken by apes? So far there's no hint except if the first movie of a mission launchby Nasa. So who knows as this pay homage to the original, this series is leading its own path.

Besides that Mario Movie done so long ago, we had Wreck it Ralph which proved you could have video games represented nicely on the big screen. Then of course we had Pixels with the budget going to Sandler and not the video game figures. This would be a crap shoot, but I wouldn't mind for them to give a try. Again it's up in the air with this.

Cute litel take off on the Star Wars parody but what a strange release date.

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