Thursday, August 06, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show posted today: MI5 vs. F4. No other shows for the weekend.
Please see bonus link posted on the bottom of this blog for one of shows topic.

Saturday Update:
F4 Mini review: 1 out of 5. BORING! Only near the end for 20 minutes or so is when F4 fight Doom is where the action happens. I  agree with Rotten Tomatoes, this is a complete waste of time. Actually the first two F4 with Jessica Alba were better than this. Yep it's that bad.
MI Rogue should win this weekend. The big shame is Shaun the Sheep. Why did the studio not promote this and let it die instead?  Hopefully this will find a audience on home release.

Friday Update:
Talk about fae. Now F4 has nothing to do with X-Men. That's not what Bryan Singer said.
Anyways screw this: MI5, 4 out of 5. Seen it. Like animation? Shaun the Sheep, 4 out of 5. Already very underrated at the boxoffice. Fans of Wallace & Gromit will love it. Look for movieeaster eggs, yep Silence of the Lambs (get it, sheep?) and more are in there.
Another Agents of Shield for tv? Fox is holding to dear life on this franchise. Afraid of the mouse are we? Since knowing that F4 is pretty much DOA, the studio is going to put all their efforts into this. But what does that mean for the future if X-Men movies?
Wow, this studio just doesn't get it do they? Is anyone asking for these remakes and sequels? That's what half this list is. Well at least Spiderman is not on this list. Enough of that nonsense.
Here is an update on the characters that Marvel doesn't own........yet! Mainly Fox has the ig ones with Sony hanging on a thread to keep Spiderman. Soon enough disney will own everything. It's the other studio egos in denial that keeps Disney from owning these franchises.
As I mentioned be fore I'm a fan of this series but turning down Kevin Bacon who starred in the original doesn't make sense especially since he's the one who wants to dfo it. The mentality of studios. But they want to reboot Freddy again..see below.
Why? Only if Robert Englund returns can they pull this off. He's kinda old but with the makeup he can pull it off. Give him a good paycheck and he'll do it. He's worth it. If they can pay Adam Sandler $20M for making garbage don't you think Englund is worth the price to reboot the franchise the right way?
There's a link on the bottom of the aricle that takes you to some footage and behind the scenes on the movie. But it figures he gave it a 10 year block. Lewis is 89 years old and he figures he be gone by then that way he wouldn't hear the backlash on the film.
How the heck did a children's book get turned into a 3 part over 2 hour each movie to begin with then wind up with a rated R re-released? Oh yeah sales on the Blu-rays (See below link) The Hobbit should have been one three hour movie and left it at that.

Bonus repeated to tie in with the new radio show posted today:
Check out No. 17, Spiderman and compare those numbers to the top of the charts to prove my point.
Check out this years so far. Look at No.4, Hobbit. With those numbers how wonder the want you to to double dip wth the rated R versions.

PS I;m still working on that music show as I;m adding some new things to it.
The live radio show is cancelled for this weekend as I try to fix the sound on that.
But this weeks new Blog Radio is playing now until a new one next week.
Thanks for listening everyone.

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