Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio show tomorrow before the weekend is out.
I grew up with this so many memories here. Shereally added something with this custom and looking very hot on a motorcycle. And she almost got her own spinoff as Batgirl. On the Blu-ray Batman tv series '66 there is a 10 minute pilot for executives where she goes off against the Mothman, Batman and Robin make a quick cameo. But this was at the third season and ratings while starting to go downhill. Shame, we got to see her in her own series but at least we hvae the Batman tv series. And yes she did many others shows and movies, nothing can beat seeing here in that outfit. She even named her book "From Ballet to the Batcave andBeyond" and she was cool with it.
This has a gallery of 18 photos from =here career including a shot of her on Star Trek playing the Green Girl in the third season. Remember that one?
This article does a good job of breaking down the actual details included with the link provided of the original article. Fron what ti reads, its just much too cluttered. It would have been a mess. Again doesn't anyone read these scripts before green lighting the project to begin with. Meaning Pre-pre-production. How about reading the treatment first (outline wthout most of the dialogue).
Red flag! 3 writers and now another writer added? Too many cooks in the kitchen but at least they got themselves someone who knows about giant creatures roaming the earth.
I like the last line: Indiana Jones meets James Bond. Man, does producer Askarieh has it wrong. Speilberg got turned down to do a Bond flick. That's when Lucas told Speilberg, never mind those guys. We have our own Bond character. It was Lucas who invented Indy for Speilberg to direct. So this guy is producing Johnny Quest? Yikes. At least Rodriguez is directing this. He sounds like a die hard fan since he's going to base it on the original, something I grew up on. The new one sucks. And co=writer is Terry Rossio who has done Pirates and the original American Godzilla 1998: Godzilla vs. The Gryphon. A creature from outta space that morphs into different animals found here on earth. Yeah I know, where the heck is that film?

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