Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

2 New shows coming before the end of the week.
Wow, this is hard ccore. Only thing missing is teaming up with The Punisher, if your going to go with the Rating R code. Bt it also reminds me of Kick Ass with the cynical humor which also a good thing. While I admit I haven't been posting many things related to Deadpool since I wanted to wait for the final trailer to see how this looks. Well I have to admit, this looks great.
And that's why I posted Deadpool pic instead of F4. Looks like a DOA for the weekend. That's why Brian Singer he said they might bring F4 into the X-Men just to hold on to that franchise before the rights can b taken over by Disney. Cruise Control will rake it up the boxoffice. And deserves it, smart funnyand great action.
What made the first tv show was all the guests showing up that usually would do a show like that.
That's wha made it campy fun. But they have to do better than Reese Witherspoon and Imagine Dragons if they want this show to be a hit. Behind the scenes is cool but need those cameos.
And about that Kermit and Miss Piggy breakup, it's good for the ratings. Shame tho, they do make a cute couple.
Total diss. The videogame industry is more ruthless than the movie industry? Expecially witha great actor like Dinklage this is a big surprise. But my question is when they hired him, didn't know that maybe he wasn't the right one to begin with?
Yep, Abrams a fanboy at heart as the hardcore really hated that idea with chlorian crap. Less said the better.
Another cash in but this time Disney is doing it. That Rat! But did anyone notice besides Yoda, they are all villians. And why is a Stormtrooper on the cover of Empire when it should be Yoda as that is the first time he was introduced back in the day as the trainer for Luke. As for Attack Clones they should have had Count Dooku. But still they look cool, better than the new James Bond re-hash. See below...
These look horrible compare to the Star Wars Steelbooks. While SW do announce they have the same old features from before, at least you know what you're getting. These Bond releases do not mention anything about any features what so ever. Another quick cash in ripoff.

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