Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming tomorrow. I moved that widget up by the way and added Soundcloud below the other radio widgets.

Now that the summer movie season is basically over, the networks are now pushing thier fall tv shows. And one of my favorites is raising the stakes with more villains on "Gotham". Some hate this show and I thought myself this would be a bomb, like where's the Batman? But this has a great cast and just so over the top that it's fun.

As you know Roger Corman owns the original title of The Fast and the Furious. Look it up on You Tube, The whole movie is there. Universal paid him to use the title but only the first movie. Vin explains this on the commentary for Furious 6 why each movie is titled different. So, after Fast 8 what other titles are they going to use. Well, that should be interesting.

Another hour that was cut? Then this should have been an HBO special of sorts. But this would be interesting to see more details on what went on behind the scenes especially the ending as it feel a bit rushed and a quick wrap up. Still worth it to see. Interesting note about speical features on br/vd dying out like the new Avengers Ultron with only 45 mins of features including. For a top ten movie of all time that's all we get?

Like I ssaid before, whatever it takes to get this right. The first two were total misfires.

Talk about deleted scenes. Why bother filming this then dropping it all together. No wonder the films is a mess. More on the radio. Way to much typing to be done here on what a rip off all this is.

Why are thye bothering for a film nodoby is asking for and delaying the film that everyone wants to see. Oh I forgot, corporate thinking. Never mind.

Just what we need, another retelling of Frankenstein. Only reason to see this is both McAvoy and Radcliffe sharing the screen together. But who knows, maybe the monster steals the movie.

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