Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Due to tech problem new radio show postponed till Monday.

Saturday Update:
Well that settles that. Compton is No. 1 again. AndHitman is No. 4 for the weekend. And you wonder why I didn't post a poster of thatfilm, lol.
63 pages of the catalog on what's going to be release so far. Fall agenda: Clear shelf space and get a second job.

Friday Update:
Cool covers with the new cast. Like the article says whenare we going to see the new Luke?
Talk about geek heaven, both Star Wars and Star Trek news. Can't get enough. But boo the video as it was blocked because of copyrights. Scrooges.
George Miller of Mad Max? Hell no! He's got todo another sequel for Max. And didn't they skipped MOS 2 for thestart of Justice League. Make up your in guys! Oh I forgot again, Corporate thinking.

While Compton is passing the $100M mark, any other film coming out is not going to matter. WE got just a few weekends of Beach weather left and lets not forget JWorld is coming out again for a week for those repeaters.
Sounds like a cheap Saturday morning cartoon from the 1980's. But todays tech and the money that Jurassic World did, they can go back to this. Just the merchandising alone!
"It was the right decision to make the movie better." Now that sounds bad. How wonder they are postponing the release date. Not a good sign, Reminds of reshhots aka Fantastic Four and we know how that turned out.
Didn't he die? Oh I forgot, nobody dies in Sci-fi. Si the question is, how many characters are in this?
Maybe this is the reason they have a problem with this. It mightbe too convoluted and is too busy being a setup for Justice League and that usually turns into a mess in itself.
Didn't even see this coming. From the guys of Robot Chicken. But ain't this style of language and animation past it's time? Curious to see if the audience shows up for this one.

Note: Had a tech problem so a new Blog Talk Radio  will premiere tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow as todays blog will be updated tomorrow as usual.

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