Monday, August 03, 2015

Weekend Box Office Wrap Up

MNN Live now playing on YouTube. See Video below. New radio shows coming this week.
Great summer fun. 4 out of 5. The Cruise is back. Everyone ignored all those bad writeups and went to enjoy the movie. And all those stunts that he did himself paid off. See article below. Full review on a new BTR show coming this week.
You couldn't pay me enough. That's what stuntmen are for. Why take a job away from them? I'll be in my trailer if you need me.
The movie just opened up and already we got deleted scene for the Blu-ray edition. Well it usually happens.
Peggs role really stretch out for MI5, so good for him. He was great in the role. While we're still not exactly what the cameo he has is, he does have a point about waiting. It is only 4 months away and it feels like yesterday that they were going to do a 7th Star Wars film. Time has move way to fast. But heck the sooner the better anyways.
It's Kevin trying to get away! Cute. 2 pics included. And so far Minions is up to $850M World Wide and still has a few countries to open. $1B looks good. Not bad for a $85M to make flick.
Well the most obvious was Dr. Wu who left with the brief case with Dino DNA so he ca go to the highest bidder. And with so many Billionaires on the planet today thiscan become a hobby for their ego. So now we can have Dinos all over the planet. At least we're not stuck on a island again.
New Toho Godzilla will resemble the the original 1954 design. Good move. He was scary when first seeing this back in the 1970's on the family black and white TV. Yep good ole B&W.
What else is new? If you don't have the guywho did the Lego Movie this should suck like Pixels.
I'm still waiting for Candyland Board Game, the rated NC-17 version "No one gets out Alive!"

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