Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice and Disney Expo Wrap Up

New BTR coming this week: Disney and Star Wars talk. MNN Live now playing on Youtube.
Great Picture. Deserves the No. 1 spot. Rating 4 outta 5, lol. For me the best part was Paul Giamatti as the manager Jerry Heller and those business dealings with contracts and all. Some of which you never see in these kind of Bios.
So Trevorrow is going to wrap up the trilogy. What a gig! Where do you go from there? Well he still could do a Fast Furious picture like I mentioned before but really, how do you top Star Wars?
4 seperate videos whihc have highlights from the presentation. This page also have links that cover other events for the weekend. You can take it from here as there would be to many links to add here.
The best one is the last one which starts with Pirates then cuts into Star Wars in which Harrison Ford shows up! And he's been showing up to all these presentations. Remember way back when he didn't even want to be attached to Star Wars. Wow, that mouse really pays good it seems. But it's cool to see him to these after all these years.
9 minute video interview with JJ in which as usual doesn't say much about the movie itself, and the rest of the cast also get their chance.
There are really going all that on the attractions and expanding the other parks as well. But how much time do you need to cover all this? I doubt a weekend pass is going to cut it. I would need a week myself, who am I kidding. Guess all that Marvel money is keeping Disney happy. And the key word here is "Expanding" like getting the rights to rest of the Marvel titles. You hear that FOX?
$150 for the M Falcon. Really? Yeah.... time to start saving. But I gotta admit, these take a long time to put together. For those who can build these more power to you.But at least we get a look on some of the hardware before the movie comes at. First Order Snowspeeder caught my eye for sure.
That Paul Walker tribute was nice, and fans still haven't forgotten which was cool. And the rest, well I was going mostly..WHO?
Oscat talk already? Who would you vote for as host? So far it's Ellen then Neil Patrick. And the bottom are James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Ouch! More on the radio show.

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