Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New radio show coming later this week. Big movie review show for Labor Day weekend.

DUH! Really? You think? ok I can go on and on with this but this is just to obvious. Look at Menace and how many people hated the film and it still sold Millions in merchandise. But the thing that got to me is how much Disneys Cars did and that is one of my least favorite Pixar movies.

The blu-ray dropped today and is still one of my favorite films of the year. Now we have the game.
Something for us die hards until we news for another Max film. Gotta bring back Hardy for more.

Pics and video included. Stunt doubles doing the work since they did the major wrapup a few weeks ago.

Pegg is really having fun with this. Hope this transfers onto the film. But the thought behind this was a great idea. Wonder who the winners are.

Who loves their animation? These guys make predictions betting who is going to be nominated aka Las Vegas. For Minions and Shaun the Sheep. Third spot I'm saving for Peanuts and Good Dinosaur when they come out.

Now this is funny. Nobody cares. Look at the music acts. Most you couldn't care about, tired of hearing the same old acts who have over stayed their welcome in the news or just plain boring doing theri same routines. Other wise nothing new to write home about. Nothing new & exciting> Even Miley boobs are getting so routine.

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