Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New BTR Radio show now playing.: Star Wars and Trek talk with Ridley Scott News.

Saturday Update:
A lot from Twitter updates and other social networks all on one article. Pretty cool. Many in which I missed myself.
Well here comes the fall releases. AT least this looks like it will have more features than Avengers Ultron who are being cheap with only 45 minutes of goodies. Top 10 of all time and thats all we get?
China to the rescue as usual. But I would like for them to finish this trilogy then let Cameron takeover.

Friday Update:
If that name doesn't tell you what thatship is about then you don't the enemy to begin with. Gotta love it.

57 shots new and old. The little guy finally gets a cover. Can't wait for the full blown remote controlled aka R2D2
Again more people are putting thier 2 cents on this. Duh! That Imax does nail the figure down pretty much. but this whole planet has to be in Sync to have this beat Avatar. And it will come down to repeated performance. That will be the major factor and only that.
"In a galaxy far far away" Look at that, it was in our solar system all this time, lol. But something just doesn't feel right about this rover. Who knows what pictures this thing is taking that NASA is not telling us about.
Short but nice clip of seeeing Nimoy in that vulcan make up.
Not much to look at but it reminds me of the paparazzi across the street with huge telephoto lenses trying not to get caught sneaking these shots, lol. Just a set with green screen. This can be anything.
Well this was based on Star Trek to begin with so it be cool this will be on internet tv. Iwonder who the cast will be since everyone in this film are old already. Beside Weaver of course, she always looks good, besides she does movies as we waiting for Alien 5. Speaking of which....
Good the sooner the better so we can get Alien 5 going. Remember, even tho he's not directing A5 he is still and executive producer on the project with some sayon the proceedings. While nobody is asking for P2, we are looking forward A5 even to see how it's going to fit with the rest of the franchise.
Great movie even if Vin really doesn't say much but it is his voice. Old animation style but thisis really going to look great in blu-ray as previous versions were all grainy at best.

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