Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming very soon. Star Wars and Music announcement special plus lots of reviews.
The disney Promo Machine is at full force here. Pun intended. eez this sounds more important than the movie. But then thats how Lucas managed to buy land to grow grapes to make expensive wind. He said himself it was the actions figures that brought him all that land. All I know is that Hasbro is bringing back the Mivro Machines series back. I still have my Hoth set from Empire. Aw the memories. I'll be posting those pictures soon by the way.
This is the deal that should guarantee for this film to break Jurassic Worlds record for the No. 3 spot of all time unless, like I said, it has to be Phantom Menace bad but with JJ directing and Kasdan writing how can they miss?
One problem with this. What happens ifthere's reshoots, where practically every moive nowadays has them? If that's the case then he will have to wear a wig after all.
2 outta Compton to star in Skull Island. Not bad, now its getting interesting. Plus one from Fantastic Four.
Take My Money! Sounds corny if your not a trekkie/trekker but ust the idea goin to an isalnd toget to all these festivies with the original cast is such a blast.
3 out of 5. Very different film indeed but damn interesting even through it does drag a bit in the middle before getting to the bum out ending. No spoilers but its about battle and like people die in those things, lol Cusack was good in this but check out his other film "Love and Mercy", 4 out of 5, in which he plays the elder music legend Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys. He was perfect and that and again Paul Giamatti playing a scumbag like he did in Straight Outta Compton playing the sleazy manager.
One of my favorite bands of all time. I remember seeing this film as a kid. wow 50 years went by fast.

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