Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday's Box Office Wrap Up

New Blog Talk Radio show finally coming this week. Star Wars?trek and Summer wrap up.
Star Wars catalog link reposted again posted below as Bonus.
Now we have to wait for the director's cut that includes that beatdown Dr. Dre did on that female. Hopefully it won't be a deleted scenes section included on the br/dvd release but a full 3 hour cut.
Why not? They brought Chekov and Tuvok back for Star Trek Renegades. That's the new one that Tim Russ directed (Tuvok from Voyager) which was funded by Kickstarter. Admiral Cekov is 140 yrs old and yes that is Walter Keonig reprising the role. More on the radio show this week.
It figures but as the Compton film proved that there was so much to tell tht it had to be edited down, there is a bigger picture to tell from that era. I could see this work big time.
Funny !!! Scroll down to the very bottom and see how Sony did at the boxoffice. This article breaks down all the studios and how they did this summer. But that Sony, Ouch!
This should be interesting in seeing the cast from STTNG and how they aged. So far the show works, seeing Capt. Picard going nuts. Let's see if it gets funnier since Macfarlane is involved.
Remember Diesel walked away from the Fast Furious franchise after the first film  to do this and Paul Walker kept the franchise going. After xXx did ok but not compare to the FF franchise is when he returned to FF. SO..why return to this one? And what happened to Kojak? One thing for sure and you have to give him credit is that he's not sitting on his ass and collecting FF money. He's making one movie after another at such a pace. Good for him.
It' a shame this needs to depend on China to get the sequel going. Especially in the US nobody cared about Arnold coming back to an iconic character. First they should forget about the tv series then forget about the trilogy and just do one more just to wrap up the storyline. It's obvious nobody cares.
I like the subtitle Avengers 2.5. As soon as all the characters were announced I asked why call it Captain America and just call it Avengers Whatever.Butat least we're getting Spiderman where he belongs.
Is it me or are these filming fast?. As soon as these were announced already their finished and heading to post production work. These studios need these big hits to make that money and not taking their time with them.

I postd this on Thrusdays/Friday updated post. But in case you missed it. But where do they expect for you to put up this stuff. Addict? First trilogy. Basement? Second trilogy. Garage? Wife's car and she don't want to hear shit. Now what?

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