Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

2 new Radio shows will be posted this week. F4: DOA?

MI Rogue is going to do great for the rest of the month since there's no competition. F4 is going to do Ant-Man numbers but worse. Good but not great.  And that other Spy movie. Why go for a second rate title (unless you remember the original tv seires from the 1960's) when you have a given like MI Franchise. Read the article below and it gets to the point.

Straight to the point and it even shows how Actor Teller is trying to cover it up with the mixed
reviews. Yep the beach and barbecue sounds really good now for the month.

Dinos, Vin, Minions are the new record holders for the $1B mark. Even tho Minions STILL hasn't open up in China yet. Yikes! or should I say BANANAS! MUCHO BANANAS!!! Even better all 3 are in my top 5 for the year. What are the others? O the Radio Show I will tell, lol.

A no brainer here. At this point which I said quite a few times on the shows, t just a matter of taking out Titanic and how close to Avatar. If it Phantom Menace bad, not so close. But either way there's nothing besides James Bond and since that has an early start in November it should be out of the way for Star Wars to take it all since there's no competition besides Films lookinf for Oscar bids and most never make past $100m anyways.

So Simon has MI, Trek franchises in his corner. So called Cameo in Star Wars. Not to bad.  As far as this list goes which is basically a no brainer with everyone it seems like he has  Phantom and Clones reversed? But

Great behind the scene making of in what I think is the best part of the movie. This whole act in the first half of the movie had the tense edge of your seat action. While many are saying McQuarrie shold direct the next Jurassic World,  I would like to see him direct the Fast & Furious franchise. He would bring that whole franchise up a notch. More on the Radio show. PS after the video there's another making of "End of the Tour" with Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segal.

Ming the Merciless joins the cast! Along with Ian Mcshane, best known as Blackbeard in the Pirates franchise,  this will make the next season even more exciting unless they plan another banquet dinner and kill off the whole town this time with a Black Death Speed Metal playing in the background.

Funny video with the characters. While it looks interesting most people will have Star Wars on thier minds. And if notice I haven't posted anything to do with Prometheus as many of us where not asking for a sequel. Why they bothered?

Note: 2 new radio shows will posted this week with a full hour with Talk Show on Saturday taking requests. More details will be posted here on Friday since there will be no MNN Live show this weekend.

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