Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Live on tomorrow at 5pm.   New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Filmmaking 101 and why F4 sucked. Wednesday's blog was posted very late yesterday. Please check that out in case you missed something. Thanks everyone.

Saturday Update:
That's a lot of people showing up in this movie. More the better. Of course this doesn't help F4 when Fox hears this kind of news. It really rubs in that they got such a failure on their hands.
At this point nobody cares. A total wipeout all around. Now is a just a matter of time for the studioto mak that announcement for F4. And Disney is patiently waiting, lol.

Friday update:
While the F4 Director got fired from both this and Star Wars, SW is still going ahead even with a schedule change. Disney don't care. Whatever it takes to keep these films going ahead and is better for us fans.
Hopefully this one will work having the Professor is a good angle, but then again.....

Video from the actresses and 28 picture slides. Pretty cool but about who is going to sing the new song is really pushing the curiosity. As the song usually sets up the tone for the movie. So close.
Good long interview but what a waste. Hardly no promotion on this movie, it should be another DOA. Another sign that the studio didn't want to waste money on promotion and advertising. Then why bother making it in the first place. Didn't anyone read the script?
They usually make a big anouncement when a film hits the $300M mark. Talk about jumping on the promo wagon. For a price tag like this you can't blame them. Take advantage of the fact tht other recent releases have been bombing across the board.
RE-releasing this again for one weekend. Well, Jworld is only $20M away from taking the No. 2 spot in all time domestic release. Maybe this will help. Really doesn't matter since it needs $500M to take over the No. 2 spot world wide. But it sure got me curious.
This article nails on what's wrong with the industry. In this case a movie made for all the wrong reasons. This is the article I was waiting for for the radio show: Filmmaking 101.
Oh hell no, let it go!

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