Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Late Post. New BTR show coming tomorrow then Live on MNN on Saturday.
Another tease with pics but where is the new trailer? We still need to see the Luke and Leia like we did with Han Solo.
And this is going to go up against Star Wars. It's a Tarantino film and he's got his fans and this is an ultimnate film to see for Holidays but lets face it, even 007 Bond opens 6 weeks ahead of this to make it's out of the way for SW. And Alvin and the Chipmunks is opening after this? Who's the scrooge who scheduled that?
And the House of Mouse keeps laughing, harder and harder.......but man that is one heck of a fast turn around.
Trailer included. Butwhy didthey wait so long? Makes sense, this being of the most popular films for Disney. They also got Duck Tales again for 2017. Tangled, another one underrated is being looked at.
Thye have so much to work with instead of blowing $200M on Tomorrowland this is the direction they should work onand waiting for other studios to srew up on their superhero franchises.
Awww, well he did ive a long time according to doggy years, aka 100 human. He was one of the bet things in the movie which did get an Oscar for Best Picture which everyone at the time thought was overrated. But no one had a problem with Crash...which reminds me...
No shit. Total crap. Social experiment? It's more like how people in real life don't act like that. The worst picture ever to win the Oscar let alone even get nominated. Boyhood is my second worst to get nominated. At least they also mentioned Slumdog, Out of Africa, Chicago and the list goes on and on.

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