Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekends Box Office Wrap Up

New Blot Talk Radio show coming this week with an MNN show this Saturday. 1994 Roger Corman's Fantastic Four Trailer and Full Movie from Youtube  included bottom of blog.
See how fast Fox changed it's tune that they are going to backup Deadpool with a sequel instead. See article below. Even though IM Rogue won the No. 1 spot it was still below $40M needed to be a big hit.  All across the board the movies in the top 10 did below than average. And poor Shuan the Sheep got no love. But will have a great life at home with repeated viewings and have a cut following. F4? Beer coasters if the sell any br/dvds that is.
SO: Who's fault is it? Studio interference for sure. But a director with a few films under his belt wouldn't have hurt. More on the radio show this week..
Talk about the final nail in the coffin for F4. More like a slap in the face, lol. The worst thing about this is that there are now 4 actors out of franchise which would have been a big Kaching! to their careers.
And it still hasn't open in China! Yikes! How much more can this thing make? See, this what other studios look at and gets them mad when their projects fail. Especially when you look at how much it cost to make. Wow, that is a lot of profit.
A new trilogy with Ben? I just loved the idea that he won with Argo when going against all odds. But they sure aren't waiting to bring Batman for another trilogy. Whether you like Affleck or not, what I find interesting is what happen to Snyder? Is he still doing those Justice League movies? Not one mention of him in the article. Interesting.
Very short but still getting chills on this. So close yet so far. At least we got Bond to look forward to before then.
The style looks like JJ's meaning live on the set action without those green screens. And Edwards did a great job on bringing back Godzilla (even tho not enough screen time for th big guy) looks like this is in good hands.
Finally this is filming in November with most of the cast even if they haven't signed on yet, but read the bottom of the article about Hellboy and Blu-rays sales. About how platform has changed. It used to dvd/br sales as I mentioned on my last radio show and now that is changing with VOD and other ways to se movies. This is happening so fast.
Another way too short clip but a damn good tease. Can't wait to see this as a series. The original was a classic and this came close as a remake with Arnold Terminator himself. While that would have been interesting with remakes nowadays kind of sucking I'm glad this is no HBO.
It would have been nice to see Simmons and Keaton in this but Jackson is in way too many things now but so far it's a good cast. But what eeryone is looking forward to is the big Kong himself.

No budget cheesy fun, at least I didn't fall asleep on this. Check out the music of the trailer. That's James Horner soundtrack from Battle Beyond the Stars Corman's take on Star Wars. Yep that movie is also on youtube.
PS the film is on the dark side (no pun intended) as to hide the low budget and bad SFX. I have the canadian 1994 dvd release (bootleg) I brought at a convention and that is only slightly brighter (by seeing the damn thing in total darkness, lol) Enjoy.

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