Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

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Saturday Update:
Looks like he's got a hit for a non holiday weekend. Poor Arnold. Guess all that bad press some of the journalists gave him this past week didn't hurt him at al.. People want to have summer fun on the big screen. Give them that and people will forget all that other crap.

Friday Update:
This includes a 13 minute video recently taped just last week! Great interview which includes that Hulk Hogen thing and a story with Andre the Giant. but he did look tired. But still at 61 is a friggin shame. Top 2 films: They Live and Hell Comes to Frogtown now playing on Hulu Plus.
Again another angle on picking on Cruise. How about talking how good the movie is. High ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. It did good on Thursday with $4M opening, not great but not DOA either. And he has already mentioned of another sequel. Have to admit he does great overseaswith this franchise, even Edge of Tomorrow did good considering how bad it did over here.

I just don't understand with costume thing when fanboys start bitching. To quote Wolverine in the first X-men: "What did they expect, for us to wear yellow spandex" what looks great in comic books sometimes just doesn't look right in the movies with colors and tones. Look. Superman is wearing his underwear outsie no more, so that's a good thing. He still has the cape so that's cool enough.
At this point nobody cares about Cruise and his Scientology. thwy just want to see a good picture.
MI5 is getting great raves so that won't hurt him at the box office. What amazes me is none of the major magazines are talking about the film which I find strange. The documentary Going Clear is mostly about the organization and it's founder and the people who have taken over since. Cruise and Travolta is mentioned briefly with behind the scenes with Cruise partying. No big deal if you haven't seen it.
They're not releasing this for the Holidays for Oscar consideration? Not a good sign. And Depp needs a hit fast. He can't be making Pirates sequels forever bu then again....
I loved the Bundy's and like for them to pull this off. Kelly Bundy with 9 kids. Thatwould be funny. But Ed O'Neill deserved better than Modern Family. One of the worst comedies on tv. Why and those friggin awards. Don't get me started.
Really? ACtually Ms. Doubtfire would get my vault as they guy to dress as a woman to protect his kids. But still a good choice compare to Boogie Nights. Really?

The I-rex is on the cover when you click the link. Great magazine that goes behind SFX making of
these movies. In this issue you have JWorld, San Andreas, Mad Max and Avengers 2. Very technical and pricey at 12.99 but worth it.  Publish quarterly so it covers a few movies in that time period.
I have quite a collection myself., I don't subscribe since not every issue is a winner like the last issue with had Chappie which I hated! But yep I do own most of the Star War issues. These are not to be confused with Empire and other movie mags. Again strictly for the SFX crowd. Check out the back issues for most of the covers.

Note: That second BTR would have been a bit much so that be postponed till next week.

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