Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday's Movie News/New Radio Show Playing- Mark Hamill Interview

New Blog Talk Radio now playing: Comic Conc and other news. at 5pm today.
Here is that interview I promised you on the Radio Show. This was done back in 1994.
And what is up with that bad hairdo? I was in a new wave band back then. Uugggh.

Saturday Update:
Looks likie Ant-man is a hit but wil it have legs, meaning will it last as Jworld and Inside Out?

Friday Update:
Will Minions kick little Antman's ass? Does anyone care or we getting tired of another Marvel Superhero. I still love the idea of man being shrunk to a bug aka the classic Fantastic Voyage (IMDB that folks). For me bananas and papayas is still hard to beat, lol.
Both Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey for Supporting Actress but how about the Stunt Woman who climb down those Church steps? At least Trones will sweep the awards withthat many nods.
Both Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson (Cookieeeeeeee) for Lead Actress. Davis is the only reason I saw How to get away with Murder and Henson with her classy acting in a over the top show Empire (which is fun as heck). But the show itself got total diss at the Emmys besides Henson getting nominating and 2 costume nods. Go figure.
Everything else? Not much to get excited about to be honest. Modern Family, again? Most of the comedy series should be cancelled. Not funny at all.
I've been mentioning this on the shows lately and how you pretty much know what the mnovie is going to be about. In the case of Genesys there was so much exposition on the alternate time line it really didn't matter. In the case of Minions and Inside Out both trailers showed the best stuff at the beginning of both movies. Luckily the didn't showed the end where there were some nice surprises.
Even Bond Spectre showed how the movie is going to start but hopefully not mch else in the nre coming trailers. And Star Wars is a different story all together since the plot is pretty much hidden.
While I don't think muchof these films since I sawt he latest trailers, I have to admit these 2 groups shots look great! I love the second shot where everyone is smiling big and waving thier arms in cheer. Except for Ben Affleck. His look? "Crap I'm getting divorced", lol.
They forget to mention the most important movie on this subject:
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.
Starring Richard Thomas, The Waltons, Battle Beyond the Stars (Roger Corman Star Wars)
Stacey Keach, Mike Hammer tv show and Cheech and Chong movies,
David Caruso before NYPD Blue tv show.
This is the most accurate telling on the subject from beginning to Court martial and suicide ending.
While more information has been improved since the this movie was made on a low budget, this is the story that Speilbergs Jaws character Squint tells the story in the movie. The top link has a video clip of Actor Robert Shaw reciting the scene.
Will this new version have more details and a better budget to bring this story to a new generation or will thye screw it up. I mean Llook who they got as the Captain: Nic Superman Cage himself!?!

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