Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming tomorrow before our Live MNN show on Saturday.

Very cool video for a good cause while introducing Edris to the cast. But watch the ending as he goes into a break dance. Good week for Pegg as he does a cameo for Star Wars and has this gig. Very cool indeed.

Rudd on he Tonight Show explaing the prank. Wow that was dumb. A joke that backfired. Many fans don't like Rudd and I find him overrated myself. But if he can pull off Ant-Man then why not.

Another video showing Cruise doing that plane stunt. Sorry no paycheck is worth it for a stunt like this. But that's Tom, whatever it takes to get them back at the theatre after his past couple of bombs. But I still swear Live Die Tomorrow (whatever title) is a great underrated movie.

One of the best sci-fi movies from the 1970's with Soylent Green, Silent Running, Rollberball, Logan's Fun and many others all before Star Wars. With this cast and crew it should not fail especially with HBO behind it. Love the classic so I'm looking forward to this.

While not as strong as Twlite Zone this still had some classics made.  Still waiting for this on Blu-ray. And this is the show that got Steven Speilberg his start before heading to the movies!

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