Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming tomorrow with the big JWorld top 5 wrap up.
Surprise surprise. well this makes more sense than that Rogue One film. With Lord and Miller behind this they can't go wrong. And Kasdans doing the writing looks like everything is going to be awesome about this. Couldn't help the pun, That Lego Movie was fantastic. Why it didn't get the Oscar for animation still bogles the mind. As far the actor to fill Ford shoes, anyone but Pratt. He'll be better as Indy Jones, he's also got Guardians and JWorld. Someoby just a bit younger would be better.
Pratt training Avengers instead of Raptors. Funny Picture. A good sense of humor amoung these guys. And makes sense when Gaurdians mesh with Avengers down the line.
I know the movie is already old news. But don't count it out yet as this is doing great overseas.
Well they sure took thier time with those ratings. But this hit an all time high beating Sopranos.
Guess that long walk down the stair sequence didn't hurt either. Give that stunt double an award for crying out loud. That took guts!
Didn't even hear about this one. Another crossover idea. But Scooby Doo? Kiss has been doing some crossovers lately the last one being the Japanese Kitty franchise. Who knows what else they can think of.

Update: New BTR show coming tomorrow before the weekend. Hopefully a new Talk Shoe radio show for Saturday around 1 pm. News on that tomorrow.

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