Monday, July 27, 2015

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

New Talk Shoe show playing from this past Saturday. 45 minutes of me and Mark with Pixel review.
So much for a sequel. All the news programs and magazines are talking about Mission Impossible and basically brushed this off all together. The only news is their mentioning of the end of Sandlers career. Nowthat's funnier than the movie itself. 2 out of 5. Big disappointment but we knew that already didnt we?
...Final nail in the coffin of Sandlers career. While trying to be positive on his career, if youread between the lines the author is taking every jab he can at Sandler even when at the last paragraph he maintains a positive attitude. All I can say after Netflix, don't be surprise of sitcom hell for him. Wow, now that's mean, lol.
Great article covering the anniversary at London comic-con. We didn't really cover time travel on the radio show since Terminator Bombed. But thanks to this I will continue to finally cover that on the next show.
The best: Live & Let die, Sir Paul Mccartney. The Worst: Die Another Day, Madonna. So there.
No more bands. They posted Radiohead. The worst, overrated and never liked them.
Give the females a break. Give the guys a shot. Need a Thunderball aka Tom Jones so....
Sam Smith it is..smooth stylist and the best fact is He's British. Now that makes sense.
The sequel nobody is asking for. Drones? And he's worried about getting real jets. No no CGI policy is noble but I think he should be more worried about his next move.

Cool idea. Not bad for a first episode. For impersonations they got it pretty close. A little bit funnier and they got a good skit. But that thinkg with DeNiroand Sandler was hysterical.

This week I will be having multiple shows before our Next MNN show on Saturday which might also be a solo show. Next show will be tomorrow with premiere of the Music show finally.

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