Monday, July 06, 2015

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

One of my favorite scenes from the movie no matter how messed it was for her to get it. Ouch.
Blockbuster show now playingon BTR. New show coming this Wednesday.
Cool video breaking down the top 10 with trivia included. Jworld wins again with Inside Out a close second. But Arnold really got beat opening weekend. Is the audience going to turn up for he's other moviess like Twins 2 and Conan. He better start talking to his agent about this is all I'm saying.
Saved fro last week I thought today would be good to post this for those who have seen the movie.
While not a perfect film it was still fun but was a littel frustrating as it left more questions than answers, of coursesaved for the next sequel. The studio already have their dates and are not giving up on this. Of course it all depends on the International BO if this is goin to happen.

Translation:" It looks like that Man from Uncle spy movie is going to tank so I need this franchise really bad." Of course every actor who signs a long time deal will say that. But look what happened to Sidey. Nothings gauranteed and this new movie tank expect another reboot.
He's got a point but this has been know for a while now that all the great talent has gone to tv/cable.While some may say it's becuase of superheros and dinos and he might not fit in but remember he was in the movie version of the comic strip Dick Tracy where he played Mumbles.
Which also starred Al Pacino and go an Oscar nod for Big Boy Caprice. Check that out if you can.

Note: New BTR show coming this week with the premiere of the Music show on Talk Show Radio.
More details coming this week.

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