Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Mark Hamill: The Lost Interview now playing on Youtube. Or see below.
This past weekend Talk Show Radio show now playing. Please see widget on the side.
New Blog Talk Radio now playing: Pixels review and Sandler's downhill career.

Based on the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore. This, his work on The Flash, The Kingsman and Star Wars 7. He sure knows how to keep busy. Check out my interview with Mr. Hamill down below.

Translation from Netflix: Did we make a big mistake going with Sandler on this one? Directors were backinghim up because Sandler was their bread and butter when nobody hires them. More on the new Blog Talk Radio show.

This article states on my main problem when I reviewed this film last week. And it was to muchexposition which boged the middle ofthe movie. Big time. That and the unbalance of the script due to the rewrites once thye booted original director Edgar Wright. It was to noticeable.
Ant-man 2? Why? Micheal Douglas was the movie.

Anyone remember this theme song? While not a great song listening now, this was a huge hit back then. Moral of this story. None of the Labels wanted this song, lol. And it turned into a huge hit followed by the Album. Sounds like today studios. Nobody knows anything. Or to quote from Brian Grazer (Ron Howard's prodducing partner, the one wih the funny hair who produce Beautiful Mind among others)  in his book "A Curious Mind" P.171: "No one in Hollywood really knows what a vood idea is before a movie hits the screen. We only know if it's a good idea after it's done."

How bad was this? Anyone remember Can't Stop the Music, The Village People movie. No? That's okay you're not missing anything. Unless you love Cheesy movies you love to hate.And if you do remember your probalby in denial and don't admit you every saw these. I like cheesy sometimes they can be fun. But Last Dragon tried to hard. Yikes.

I liked this to a certain extent jut for being different even through it was a stretch being an alternate universe. 3 out of 5.  I'm a huge Dexter fan so it was cool to hear Michael C. Hall as Batman. I used this site when is comes to Blu-ray releases and box sets especially when they were releasing Star Trek TNG. These guys go a great job on reviewing these disks and recommend this alot.

My interview with Mr. Hamill while he was promoting Wing Commander 4 and in developement The Black Pearl, a screenplay he was working on at the time.

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