Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

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Here is a head scratcher. Furious 7 is finally listed as the third biggest money maker but still has a No. 4 atttached to it while Avengers is listed as forth but still has a No. 3 listed to that title. Looks like Disney cannot let it go with that number. Remember on my last Radio Show I mentioned about Disney trying to hold on to that spot. Either way JWorld is only $50M away with China final count and Japans count ready to come in to take the Number 3 spot.
Note: Check out the screenshot I did of the page below to se the chart.
Good coverage article. I will use this as a guide for the Radio Show to give my opinion on the whole thing. Well, lol, after Star Wars is there's not much to tell, sorry.
Well this is kind of WTF moment. While I like Kevin Smith and his Jay & Silent Bob characters he should quit doing these horror stories and go back to the smoking dudes. But this is messed up. Getting diss from a franchise that you grew up and loved (and still do) when you were a kid.
Again with the spoilers showing up in the trailers.  What little surprise we had coming is already out there. But I can see why the studio had to do this as to make sure the average movie goer can connect that this is part of the bigger picture, you know the non hard core fans of Marvel, even tho you have to live under a rock not to get this in hte first place.
While I thought the trailer was rather boring this breakdown does make the whole thing more interesting. Yeah Yeah its going to make tons of movie but will it still be good?
Hardcore fans are not happy with this reboot. Now comes this report as Aykyod get a taxi driver cameo only. While I like the female cast idea and bringing back the franchise, they should have just let the original cast have thier kids talk over and continue from there. Once you start messing around with the origianl concept things can always go sour. At least for the hard core fans it already has.bad idea.
Something different even tho it remeinds me of Speilbergs A.I. But......
Is that a robot raptor Bellboy serving you? Man that is weird but fun at the same time. Aka that Godzilla Theme Hotel. They sure do loves robots, themes, gadgets and other goodies don't they?
Japan is on my bucket list of things to do of course.

So 3 is and 4 is 3. Who does the math on this site?

Posted way back at the beginning of summer just take a look on how off these predictions are. Especially Avengers and Jworld. At least they got Mad Max right, just about.
Again to quote Oscar Winning Screenwriter William Goldman (Princess Bride) "Nobody Knows Anything"

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