Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday's Box Office Warp Up

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So Ant-Man turned out ok at the B.O. But after this week Jurassic World will be the 3rd biggest picture of all time. And it still has Japan to open next month. Will it take out Titanic, that's the bigger question now.
After reading this article I got even more confused. Unles your deep in this mythology which I ain't, you might be able to igure this out. Either way I had a good time with Ant-Man. The best part of the film besides the SFX was the movie had a good sense of humour about itself knowing the subject.
A solid 3 out of 5.
Just remake the original Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster 1964 original US Title, without the martian princess subplot and it should be good. Skip the subplots with a  bloated script and have Godzilla has to show up in the first 20 minutes or this is going to tank.
Making a Bond film is hard work and bla bla bla, Who cares? That's your job but never mind that.
Who the hell does the Theme Song? It's all about the theme song, the babes, villians, gadgets and let's not forget that damn volcano.
Well at least we are getting our Pacific Rim 2. But he could base the enxt Hellboy on one of the graphics novels that doesn't have a large budget and take it to Netflix and other Cable outlets
The car gave him that much trouble? He wrote a book about making both the moie and his tv show Family Ties and how doing both at the same time got him all screwed up due to lack of sleep and the long hours. Either way, as far as I'm concern he made the ultimate time travel movie. Don't agree, lol? We'll talk more on this ont he radio show.
As you can see the sales are dwindling down from previou years. Adn this is affecting a lot studios in their decisions in having sequels to continue the franchises. Case in point check out last years below:
Check out Spiderman 2 at No. 17 and look at all the titles above it. Spidey should have been in the Top 5, hence why that franchise was cancelled.

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