Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

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This is  a horrible idea. So are they going to have the villains sing the greatest hits of Bond? Remember the other franchises that bombed on Broadway? Spiderman Superman and not even Batman could even open as it was shut down doing rehearsals. Very.Bad.Idea.

It's about time when these movies were getting dates. Notice all these could have been major releases but now Netflix has taken over. Sign of the times. When straight to DVD/Home meant the movie wasn't worthy to be release in theatres it is becoming the norm now since these types of movies can't go up against Superheros and Dinos. And whose fault is that, the same studio who produce these of course.

Actually it doesn't mention much but the idea of Elba being a Klingon is good enough even when they said he's not aka Khan in the last one. Not to hard to figure out. At least it'll keep him busy until some people's wish of him being the next Bond, lol.

They finally got this thing released. Just the idea of Cage being Superman is freaky enough but thewhole idea of what this could have been. Remember Cage got paid $20M for a movie he never got to make. Got to give hit to him. Shame he blew his finances and now does movies back to back to get out of debt. Thought he be done with that now. Oh well. This looks like a great documentary. PS As I mentioned yesterday with Al Pacino in Dick Tracy, they show a quick snip of him in makeup from that film in this documentary.

So's he back. But it doensn't mention what kind of deal he got. Most of  been a good one if he came back. But nobody's talking, lol.

Note: New show on BTR coming before the weekend is out then the Music show. Then hopefully that live radio show on Saturday since that's the only day I can do it. More news tomorrow.

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