Monday, July 13, 2015

Comic Con Wrap Up

New Blog Talk Radio show coming Tuesday or Wednesday: Comic Con and Final Boxoffice.
With a very special announcement about me and Luke Skywalker.
I posted this in last weeks blog at the last minute. But it looks so cool I'm posting it again. A dream come true after suffering thru the last trilogy. Ugghh....
I'll make this short. Once Granpa Grumby (Han Solo) showed up the Con was over. Harrison Ford doesn't like doing this kind of publicity and doesn't show up to these kind of things, Cons that is. Not only he showed up, he joined the crowd to see the Star Wars music concert and had a group selfie holding a light Saber! How can you top that ?!?! yeah yeah Bats vs Sups Trailer, Full crew X-Men, Suicide Squad, bla bla bla.
Mucho Papayas! Good for the little guys. Who can tired of this. After one more Dis Me 3 they are going to get another solo movie of thier own. Bring it on!
All these are great including the one in the Godzilla costume,. From what I hear it gets hot in that as it's a complete zip up inside the suit that it even includes a fan to keep you cool. Ouch. Slide #8.
The first one was great and glad to see Reilly back for WIR 2. But talk about video games Nintendo President Iwata passed away. That's a shame cosidering how young he was.

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