Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing including Comic Con highlights. Me and a Minion pic below. New show next week after Comic Con wraps up.

Saturday Update:
Kicking ass at the boxoffice. Yes! Sorry but better than Inside Out. Review on the Radio show.
They look great. Videos from the Con are on You Tube now.
New footage presented at the comic con with a breakdown on the behind the scenes footage. And yes that is Simon Pegg hanging out in a costume on the set.

Friday Update:
AFter Jworld he got the biggest prize of them all, Star Wars. The force was strong with him for sure.
About time. Too much of a stretch between season as far as I'm concern or I'm really spoiled, lol.
Conan at Comic Con with Mad Max opening then Batman/Superheros credits. Very cool.
They picked the top 5 films of Sharif that I would have picked. Good call. Video clip from Lawrence fof Arabia included.

Thursday News"
BANANA! Mini-review: 4 out of 5. Got invited to a preview and loved like I knew I would, lol.
Did not disappoint what so ever. Minor spoiler and this has to do with the trailer like Inside Out.
They showed some of the highlights of the movie but that did not diminish the overall fun of the movie. I enjoyed this a lot more than Inside Out. Saw that once and that's enough, these little guys deserve a repeat. It also helps to be in touch with your inner 10 yr old which I had no problem with.
Another mnor spoiler as this is a DIRECT prequel to Des Me.. picable How? Not telling, hee hee.
Stick with this website and this will highlight everything to do with comic 2015. This is one of many articles on the site.
Man she won't quite does she. She been pushing for this after the first trilogy concluded telling everyone who would listen that the fans want her to have her own movie. A legend in her own mind.
Can't say I blame her. If you do that disappoint series Extant I would be looking for my next gig.
Underrated classic that deserves a second chance and right now Vin Deisel is on top of the world and many don't even know he did the voice of the giant. Better do it now before that Witch Hunter crap. Man that looks bad. No matter this movie is a nod to the classic sci-fi movies of the 1950's.
DAnger Danger Will Robinson. The bonus to this is Will himself Billy Mumy produce most of the bonuses with help of the surviving cast. That is a lot of material.

At Toy R Us Times Square, NYC. Which is closing this year. Shame, what a fun store.

Note: Talk Shoe Radio Show postpone for next week just before out live show on MNN.
New BTR show either Wednesday or Thrusday to wrap up Comic Con.

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