Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Big Box Office Showdown

Happy 4th Everyone! The Big Box Office Showdown on Blog Talk Radio Now Playing on 7/3.

Wow, Variety just can't wait tobury these 2 films, pictured above. So looks like Moody Girl gets the win, lol. While dinos land in the top five internationally. Yes! Complete wrap up on Monday with another new BTR Radio Show coming next week. 

Friday Update:
Looks like Moody gril and Dinos are going to take it after all like I said Previously below. But Variety is showing no love what so ever in calling the weekend already. How about Saturday?
Mini-review: T Genysis, 4 out of  5 but JWorld was better but still a lot of action. Main problem was the John Conner character who getting very tiring. Arnold was great and fights a lot more than previous films. I want to see another sequel, Hopefully overseas will take care of that. More on the radio coming very soon. 

Spoiler! but needed as I was confuse about this as heck when this scene happen. Like "What was all that about?". But aftere that you think "Oh, Dr. Who Time Lord and look who they got, lol."

They pulled a Marvel here but not a big deal. If you don't want to stick around the the credits you can read it here.

This is so cool. I like when actors take time to help others or just talk to the fans, like Chris Even and Chris Patt did at the hospital earlier this year and RDJ with the kid withthe prosthetic arm. Nice.

Is Arnold going to be Terminated by Magic Mike? (couldn't avoid the pun,lol). Either way it looks like the Dinos and Moody Girl might take the top spots. But it all depends on Saturday. Will Grill and Fireworks rule? Remember last year when Transformers 4 took in only $35M with NO competition?! Well the grill won tht one. No excuse there. To be fair there is a four way fight this holiday weekend so which ever gets the prize is so lucky.

Wow, they are really pushing for this sequel thing. Only if it does huge overseas, like China saves this but as far as the US it'll be lucky to break even.

They can't wait to push this can they? 20 shots and well, kind of boring. More shots of the Batmobile in action would have been nice. Yeah I know, I'm spoiled, lol.

Take my money! Look at the details on these, they look fantastic. Can't wait to see Mother of Dragons set. Best part is the price tag compare to other sets of this nature. 

Here is another series that didn't even make it on the air. Fox has a long reputation for doing this. Whether the show is good o not is beyond the point. Some are on the air and you say why? Or some good shows with a fan base just get cancelled without a second chance: Constantine, Foreve and Hannibal to name a few. 

Great video below explaining JWorlds CGI Problems. While talking about the effects is kind of picky, he does bring up other points as the brain can't relate to certain effects and that bleaching (coloring) effects for the overall look of the film. Now some of that drives me nuts.

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