Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Another Blog Talk Radio Show coming tomorrow; The Catch Up show part 2.
Excerpts from Empire Magazine interview with a few pics. But the next article has the goods:
More details when this article was posted later this afternoon. 33 pics also included. This thing is sounding a whole better then when it was first announced.Here's crossing the fingers.
Right of the bat his role reminds me of The Fugitive. Not that's a bad thing. It adds dimension to the picture while some of us might think do we really need another one?with Jones in it I give it a chance.
I could go for this. I loved this movie even through it went over most people's heads. I put a coll spin on the alien attack theme. Not like Pixels which had a good idea and blew it. Heads up to writer Christopher McQuarrie as he wrote and directed the new MI5 which is getting gret reviews.
Cool 15 minute video included with the filmmakers. A little talky but covers alot of ground.
Safari Park. Really? How original. But who caes. I always loved this franchise. And good to see Michael Gross in this as he  is a survivalistin real life which adds a nice touch overall. Even through it's a straight to BR release it has some bonus features which I always get a kick out of. Cool for Halloween.

Note: 2 Radio show are now playing with another BTR to finish  the month before I go back live on MNN this Saturday. And the music show will be posted before then also.

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